Provo Vacation!

We have had such a wonderful vacation! My Family came into town on Tuesday, my aunt and uncle, Gee and Big Guy drove up that morning and we went on some errands then we picked my parents up from the airport. We stopped by our favorite restaurant: Gourmandise and had these yummy little critters (see below) for dessert.On Wednesday we had these great plans to go to Thanksgiving Point and see the dinosaur museum. Unfortunately we were not ready in enough time so we had to scrap those plans. Then we drove out to Heber to go on the Heber Creeper railroad, we got there in time to see the Heber Creeper inch its way out of the train station. So we did the next best thing and drove to Granny's and ate some very good ice cream shakes!On Thursday we were actually able to make it to the Thanksgiving Point dinosaur museum! Wahoo! It was fun to be able to see more dinosaurs than the few that we have at the Museum of Paleontology. For dinner we went to this extremely wonderful Italian restaurant called Gloria's Little Italy. I highly recommend the Gnocchi.

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