Cedar City Vacation!

On Friday after work we drove up to this really awesome place called Henley Manor, it was a cool Shakespeare themed hotel. My grandpa, my other aunt and uncle, and a few of my cousins met us in Cedar City. On Saturday we went to this super funny play called 39 Steps. There were only 4 actors, yet there were over 150 different parts that they played. Then we drove out to my aunt and uncles campsite and we had tin foil dinners and s'mores.
I have no idea what happened Sunday... Apparently it wasn't too exciting. Oh... I think that was the Fourth of July, which means we watched fireworks at the Cedar City Airport from the balcony in my parents room. They were pretty awesome.

Monday was one of the most fun days that we had on the trip, in my opinion. Sean told my family about this awesome hike down in a place called Kanaraville, and we just had to go again. It was a water hike, and it was so much fun! Sean had his baby with him (His camera) and he took some awesome pictures. Even my grandpa was tearing up that hike! Although Sean and I did pay the price for our 4 hour adventure: Sean with a sore ankle for a few days and me with few cuts, scrapes, and bruises, and a terrible sun burn (which I am happy to say has now turned into a wonderful farmers tan.)

On Tuesday we went to the play Pride and Prejudice. It was a pretty good play, but I don't think Sean appreciated it as much as the females in the audience did.... :)

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  1. Dad Says:

    It was great seeing you 'n' Sean 'n' your wonderful family, Amy! We loved having you all here. It was like old friends coming together again. Remember, we have a spare room. :)

  2. Amy Says:

    It was great to see you guys too! Thanks so much for having us over! We will keep that spare room in mind. :)

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