Free Stuff

As I have not found a job yet, I have tried to mitigate my jobless state by searching for free samples and applying daily for silly drawings. I am quite proud of some of the things I have found on my freebie hunt. For instance, most recently in the mail I have received a sample of contact solution, 2 samples of Wisk laundry detergent, a full sized Nutrigrain bar type thing, a cute box of Kleenex, a coupon for a free full sized bottle of Advil, a coupon for a free full sized container of Cottonelle Wipes, and some other things that I can't quite remember.... (FYI: Crest gives out lame samples, barely enough for one time brushing your teeth, and it leaked. I threw it away)

Just today I signed up for lots more free things! Axe deodorant, Dove deodorant, Toms of Maine Toothpaste, Vaseline hand creme, some probiotics (I'm not entirely sure what these things do but I have found that the more I keep at this free stuff kick the less discerning I get about what I apply for, ironically, that same principle applies for my job search as well), I even signed up to get a Neti Pot and two packets of solution (apparently it flushes out your sinuses. I looked it up on WebMD and they say its ok, so I'm totally gonna try it...maybe. I have this thing about my nose and not liking liquids up there... you know how it is.) And to top it all off I got a free condom combo pack, yes, that's right, a Condom Combo Pack. I must admit I'm slightly wary of free condoms, but what can you do?

Sean laughs at me for my goofiness in this freebie kick that I'm on, but it totally keeps me sane.

I have discovered some other things to do with my free time, like trying to design the new fragrance for a Body Shop bath gel, I call it Clementine Sublime. And decorating the next candle holder for Glade, I call it Spring fields (Interestingly enough Glade changed my design around a tiny bit and told me I'm from South Dakota, go figure). I have also found out the great cleaning power of vinegar and baking soda. (I hate the smell of vinegar so I put some peppermint oil in to make it more bearable, next time I will try lavender) I love the way they foam up and how well they clean the bath tub.

I'd also like to send a big shout out to Netflix, Books, PS3, and HTC for keeping me sane in these last few months of my lonely life, when cleaning and the internet just doesn't cut it.

For any of you guys interested here are some links to where I find out about all these free things:

You may think I have no life.... may be right.

At least I have my free samples.

This is for you, dad.

So this video is really bumpy and the house is a mess, but dad wanted to see what the apartment looks like, so here is the preview. Hopefully I will get another post up soon that will have a less bumpy video when the apartment is cleaner.... *** I meant Water HEATER Closet, as opposed to a Water Closet*** Those are two very different things.

Close Encounters of the Moose Kind

Sean and I went camping with our friends Dani and Cory this weekend. We got a bit if a late start though. We didn't get out until 5:30, then we stopped at a very yummy restaurant called Joe Banditos, which I highly recommend. We drove around for quite a while trying to find a good camping spot. Unfortunately the area was inundated by cows, so it was a no go! We drove for quite a while without finding a good camping spot. But we did get to see one of the most gorgeous sunsets ever while on our quest.At one point we got stuck on a very narrow mountain road with a hill to one side, a cliff to the other, and one very silly cow slowly leading the way.It was after ten o'clock before we finally found a campsite, and let me tell you, it is difficult to find a good campsite in the dark. It is also difficult to avoid stepping in all the cow patties laying around the campsite.... But we eventually got everything set up.

The next morning I woke up at 6:30 and since no one else was up I decided to go explore around the area. I hiked up this cool hill, when something caught the corner of my eye. It was a moose and he was running right towards the hill I was on!My first thought was "Ok, if it comes up here and starts running at me I can dive into the low branches on this pine and it should deter it." My next thought was, "I had better circle around this tree so I can get a good picture!" I circled around the tree and there it was! It was huge! The moose stopped running and looked at me, and I looked at it. Then I realized I was pretty far from my tree refuge so I turned and scampered closer to the tree. When I turned back around the moose gave me one last glance and left. I played a little game of chicken with that moose and it totally won.I went out the next morning to see if I could run into anything cooler than a moose (like a bear), but the only thing I saw the next morning was a goofy cow that wandered into our camp and felt the need to moo...a lot.

At one point in our trip Dani and I were walking across a tiny stream and all of the sudden Dani got sucked down to her knees in mud! She almost lost her shoes! Dani refused to do a enactment so I could record it, so this pic was the best I could do. We had one of the best treats ever on this camping trip: biscuits on a stick. They are so good. All you need is doweling, biscuits (Preferably not the kind with butter in it), and a fire. They are so good! That and roasted starburst.

Oh, and here's one last awesome pic I took on our trip.


So I have been craving spaetzle ever since we went to Adam and Kenices's for dinner, so I had Sean make us some for dinner tonight. I was so impressed with his cooking skills that I had to record it. He was cooking the batter, draining the spatzel, frying the spaetzle, caramelizing the onions, and making the gravy all at the same time! What a wonderful husband I have! A few days age Sean and I were making Wontons and he was finished making his 20th wonton, while I was still on my 5th! Sean is very unique, he can pick things up in no time and excels at it, I'm better at plodding along, which is why I'm so impressed with him. Hes a whiz! Anyway, I was so impressed that he could do all this that I recorded it. Please forgive my poor narration skills.

Oh and that big bucket I pointed the camera at is whats left our 50 lbs bucket of flour. We are going thru it pretty quick! This was the very yummy finished product: