Fun, Family, and Friends!

It seems like its been so long since we updated our blog! Here's hoping that I haven't forgot too much of whats happened these past couple of weeks...
Sean's brother and sister-in-law, Grant and Karen, invited us over to their camping site on Thursday for s'mores and Saturday for tin foil dinners. They had some really yummy Pringles that everybody loved! Especially little Reese who grabbed as many Pringles in her hand as possible and nibbled her way through the stack. It was the cutest thing!
On Friday night we went to the Strawberry Festival Rodeo with our friends Dani and Cory. It was so fun! I think that my favorite part was Milking the Wild Cow. Four teams of three guys each got a wild cow that they had to catch and attempt to milk. It was so funny, those guys were getting dragged all around the arena by some very large cows. The best part was when one of the cows just laid down on its belly and nobody could get at its udders to milk it. When the game was over all the cows were herded out, except the one that was laying down. A guy on a horse came over to try to herd it out but that cow was the onriest thing ever and whenever the horse came near it, the cow would headbutt the horse and push the horse out of the way. It took like five minutes to get that one cow out of the arena!
On Saturday Dani and I went shopping for presents for Fathers Day. I got Sean a pair of really nice Thorlo socks and I filled them with Almond Hershey Kisses and a gift card to Mi Ranchito. I really do love Fathers Day, I got to eat most of the kisses and I get to enjoy half that gift card as well... On Saturday our newly married friends Delta and Zack invited us over for dinner. We played some fun games (Although, I don't think that I will ever play Guesstures with you, Delta. :) ) and had some very good homemade lasagna!

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