So I have been craving spaetzle ever since we went to Adam and Kenices's for dinner, so I had Sean make us some for dinner tonight. I was so impressed with his cooking skills that I had to record it. He was cooking the batter, draining the spatzel, frying the spaetzle, caramelizing the onions, and making the gravy all at the same time! What a wonderful husband I have! A few days age Sean and I were making Wontons and he was finished making his 20th wonton, while I was still on my 5th! Sean is very unique, he can pick things up in no time and excels at it, I'm better at plodding along, which is why I'm so impressed with him. Hes a whiz! Anyway, I was so impressed that he could do all this that I recorded it. Please forgive my poor narration skills.

Oh and that big bucket I pointed the camera at is whats left our 50 lbs bucket of flour. We are going thru it pretty quick! This was the very yummy finished product:

St. George Vacation!

On Wednesday Sean and I drove down to St. George much earlier than I would have liked (9am!), but we were able to stop by and see Ashley at work and Tom and Minon and Mckenna over at their place before we had to head up to Tuacahn, where we ate a great dinner and watched Tarzan! It was a really fun show! There were monkeys swinging right over the audience's heads! Thursday was a great day to relax. My aunt and I went shopping and we found these really awesome things called water beads. They fit into this little tiny tube and when you put them in water they swell up and look really cool. I got some for our kitchen table. We were able to eat dinner with Ashley and McKenna, then we went over to Tom and Minon's for a wonderful ice cream bar! We were able to see Kaysha, Nora, Jarom, and Isaiah there for a bit. Sean and I were in for a real treat at the place we stayed in in St. George: a bunk bed. (Sean calls it our romantic bungalow). My grandpa took the other twin bed in the room the first night we were there. :)Friday was our last day of vacation. :( We cleaned up all our stuff and then we drove to Tai Pan Trading. It was pretty much the coolest place ever! We got three vases to put our water beads in. Then we went to lunch at Cafe Rio (Only my second time going) and said goodbye.

We relaxed on Saturday, and on Sunday Kenice and Adam invited us over to their place for dinner, where we had one of our favorite foods: Speatzle (This has not been Sean spell-checked so I hope its spelled right) Dinner was so good. We played Ticket to Ride and had lots of fun.

Cedar City Vacation!

On Friday after work we drove up to this really awesome place called Henley Manor, it was a cool Shakespeare themed hotel. My grandpa, my other aunt and uncle, and a few of my cousins met us in Cedar City. On Saturday we went to this super funny play called 39 Steps. There were only 4 actors, yet there were over 150 different parts that they played. Then we drove out to my aunt and uncles campsite and we had tin foil dinners and s'mores.
I have no idea what happened Sunday... Apparently it wasn't too exciting. Oh... I think that was the Fourth of July, which means we watched fireworks at the Cedar City Airport from the balcony in my parents room. They were pretty awesome.

Monday was one of the most fun days that we had on the trip, in my opinion. Sean told my family about this awesome hike down in a place called Kanaraville, and we just had to go again. It was a water hike, and it was so much fun! Sean had his baby with him (His camera) and he took some awesome pictures. Even my grandpa was tearing up that hike! Although Sean and I did pay the price for our 4 hour adventure: Sean with a sore ankle for a few days and me with few cuts, scrapes, and bruises, and a terrible sun burn (which I am happy to say has now turned into a wonderful farmers tan.)

On Tuesday we went to the play Pride and Prejudice. It was a pretty good play, but I don't think Sean appreciated it as much as the females in the audience did.... :)

Provo Vacation!

We have had such a wonderful vacation! My Family came into town on Tuesday, my aunt and uncle, Gee and Big Guy drove up that morning and we went on some errands then we picked my parents up from the airport. We stopped by our favorite restaurant: Gourmandise and had these yummy little critters (see below) for dessert.On Wednesday we had these great plans to go to Thanksgiving Point and see the dinosaur museum. Unfortunately we were not ready in enough time so we had to scrap those plans. Then we drove out to Heber to go on the Heber Creeper railroad, we got there in time to see the Heber Creeper inch its way out of the train station. So we did the next best thing and drove to Granny's and ate some very good ice cream shakes!On Thursday we were actually able to make it to the Thanksgiving Point dinosaur museum! Wahoo! It was fun to be able to see more dinosaurs than the few that we have at the Museum of Paleontology. For dinner we went to this extremely wonderful Italian restaurant called Gloria's Little Italy. I highly recommend the Gnocchi.

Fun, Family, and Friends!

It seems like its been so long since we updated our blog! Here's hoping that I haven't forgot too much of whats happened these past couple of weeks...
Sean's brother and sister-in-law, Grant and Karen, invited us over to their camping site on Thursday for s'mores and Saturday for tin foil dinners. They had some really yummy Pringles that everybody loved! Especially little Reese who grabbed as many Pringles in her hand as possible and nibbled her way through the stack. It was the cutest thing!
On Friday night we went to the Strawberry Festival Rodeo with our friends Dani and Cory. It was so fun! I think that my favorite part was Milking the Wild Cow. Four teams of three guys each got a wild cow that they had to catch and attempt to milk. It was so funny, those guys were getting dragged all around the arena by some very large cows. The best part was when one of the cows just laid down on its belly and nobody could get at its udders to milk it. When the game was over all the cows were herded out, except the one that was laying down. A guy on a horse came over to try to herd it out but that cow was the onriest thing ever and whenever the horse came near it, the cow would headbutt the horse and push the horse out of the way. It took like five minutes to get that one cow out of the arena!
On Saturday Dani and I went shopping for presents for Fathers Day. I got Sean a pair of really nice Thorlo socks and I filled them with Almond Hershey Kisses and a gift card to Mi Ranchito. I really do love Fathers Day, I got to eat most of the kisses and I get to enjoy half that gift card as well... On Saturday our newly married friends Delta and Zack invited us over for dinner. We played some fun games (Although, I don't think that I will ever play Guesstures with you, Delta. :) ) and had some very good homemade lasagna!