Wonderful Weekend

Fabulous Friday

We had such a wonderful and busy weekend! We refinanced our car on Friday and then right after we went to Salt Lake City were we enjoyed the musical styling of Flogging Molly. It was my first time going to a real concert. I even got patted down for weapons! They took away my Excedrin, too. At least they didn't make me prove that my eye drops were real like they did for the lady in front of me (I have a terrible time actually getting the drops in my eye even when I'm not under pressure!) Sean and I stayed near the back and avoided the mosh pit and crowd surfers. But we had a great view of the band and sang along to every song! It was so much fun. Course we didn't get home til 2am...and Sean had class the next morning at 8 am, poor guy.

Sensational Saturday

After Sean got home from class we went to the beautiful Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point (well... we took a nap first). That is where all our pictures are from. Aren't they just gorgeous? We spent a few hours walking around and trying out Sean's new camera (Its possible he may love it more than me... ;) Sean adamantly denies it, though) We saw a little family of owls nesting in the cliffs there, really big goldfish, and a quarter of a million tulips! Then we went to Costco (aka: "Mecca" for us and Gee) which is an adventure in and of itself. We got some ingredients for what is possibly my favorite Sean Dinner ever: Pot Roast! I like it mostly because we use about 1/2 bottle of Costco sized A1 Sauce. After Costco my friend Ashley came over and we made dinner and Sean made yummy cookies and played our new favorite game: Buzz. Sean beats me every time, unless I whine enough, then he lets me win. I can be a pretty good whiner. It was my mom's birthday on Friday, but for some reason I always think its the day after. (Happy Birthday, Mom)

Satisfying Sunday

Today was a very long day. I took my birth control for the week (Its a very effective form of birth control, known as Teaching Primary). The other teachers just had their baby so we are back to teaching all the primary. Then we went right to the birthday party. Sean had a great time meeting with friends that he hadn't seen in a long time. It was really great for him to catch up with them. And I got my first sunburn of the year! Then I went Visiting Teaching, and our Home Teachers came over, and then we had the wonderful Pot Roast. Sean is such a great cook. And a wonderful husband! He did all the dishes, too! Happy Mothers day to all you wonderful mothers out there: specifically: Mom, Gee, Carol, and Minon. I do believe that it is now time for us to pass out for the next 10 hours! Good night everybody!

7 Response to "Wonderful Weekend"

  1. sean Says:

    Amy is Amazing!!! :)

  2. Olsen Family Says:

    You both are amazing! Sean, did you take those pics? Pretty impressive. Amy, again, I find you incredibly witty. lol. I love reading your blog. :) Love and miss you guys!

  3. sean Says:

    yeah, it was great finally getting to play with the new camera. We didn't put it down all weekend, Amy went nuts with it for a little while too. :)

  4. amers1986@gmail.com Says:

    I feel that I have to try to be witty because, quite frankly, our lives aren't super exciting. So I have to supplement the lack of excitement with wittiness. That way people will actually want to read our blog....

  5. amers1986@gmail.com Says:

    I took that photo of the yellow and red tulips.

  6. Aly Mosher Says:

    Birth control hahaha I love it!!! At first i was thinking wow that is a little personal Amy then the primary comment was hilarious! I teach Zane's class but they are really easy and good lucky for me! Glad to hear you are doing well! Our blog is themoshers.blogspot.com if you want to check it out! Take care! Sister Mosher (Cyndi)

  7. celeste'sblog Says:

    Dude Amy-Now I know why we were such good friends at school. I'm on the same birth control. Although mine has a slightly different name. It's called Nursery Leader. Cheers to never, ever having kids. At least for the next two years!

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