Wahoo! No More School!

Well, for 4 months for me and only a week for Sean. Last semester was pretty hectic, especially for Sean, but between the two of us we pulled off A's and B's. We haven't been able to see each other much since we got married as we both started classes within five days of getting married. This summer will be a lot more relaxing than the last eight months (I hope). This Summer Semester Sean is taking a Saturday morning class (What alliteration!), which neither of us are excited about (Sean less so, is my bet). That class is really going to put a damper on our camping this summer, and I was so excited for Yellowstone, and the Dugway geode beds, and going out to Delta to dig up some fossils... oh well. Hopefully we have a bit of time after Sean's class to do some of those things. We are excited for the adventures we are going to go on this summer. In June we are going to the Shakespeare Festival for a few days with my family, and then, on our anniversary, we plan on going to Park City for a day or two. :) We have some pretty exciting plans this coming week: City Library, Flogging Molly Concert, one of Sean's friend's son's birthday party (there sure was a lot of possessions in that last entry), and cleaning!!!! I really look forward to going through some of our boxes that we haven't opened since moving and doing a bit of Spring Cleaning (AKA: Throwing Junk Away). Wish us luck!

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  1. Meghan Says:

    I'm so glad you started a blog! It will be very exciting :) Glad you are out of school for the summer. I get out of school at the end of this month. Wahoo!! We need to get together some time and hang out!

  2. Olsen Family Says:

    Woohoo!!! I love it! I'm so glad you started a blog! P.S. you are very witty and fun to read. :) I'm looking forward to it.

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